How to help?

Karma Deleg Chö Phel Ling has been maintained and carried mainly by enthusiastic volunteers and generous sponsors for over 4 decades. 

The objective of the centre is to contribute to the development of compassion and of benefit to all sentient beings. Besides this, it is also a place where Buddhists meet (again), where they can exchange with each other and support each other on the path. It is a sanctuary of peace for all those seeking refuge from their hectic lives and the overstimulation of the senses and the mind. It is a place to find inspiration, healing  and to meet like-minded people.

Having experienced what this place has to offer, volunteers and sponsors joyfully put effort to maintain it. The centre is founded on the limitless aspirations of HH Karmapa and is built by the great compassion and unceasing effort of Chödje Lama Gawang Rinpoche. All this was made possible with the support of the many volunteers and sponsors.  Just as the past generations have passed this wonderful place on to us, we fervently wish to cherish and maintain it for the future. Please check on this website how you can lend us a hand either as a volunteer or as a sponsor. We are always in need of help. We would be very grateful to you.