Route Description

By public transport: take the train to Leeuwarden, then take bus number 54 to Dokkum. Get out at the stop “Hantum” just outside the village. Walk towards Hantum, over the bridge and take the first street to the right “Hearewei” (along the orange mailboxes). Continue walking until you reach a narrow path “Stoepawei” infront of you between two rows of small seniors’homes. Walk towards the windmill. The prayer flags of the centre are waiving to welcome you. Please note that on Sunday there is no regular bus but a “belbus”. For this you need to call them (at least one hour in advance) to pick you up, tel. 0800-2802803. There are no extra charges except for the normal bus fare. For more information, please consult 9292 online.

By car: From Leeuwarden go direction Dokkum/Hurdegaryp (N355). At restaurant E10 (stoplights) take a left direction Dokkum (N356). Continue straight on all roundabouts. When you reach Dokkum continue straight until the bridge and then take the roundabout to the left direction “Holwerd”. After about 700 meters, take a right towards Hiaure (a small sign!) and then continue straight, also in Hiaure. In Hantum, you arrive at a T-crossing, you take a left over the bridge. Then the first street to the left “Hearewei”. At the end there is slightly to the right a path between two rows of seniors’s homes. This is the Stoepawei, follow it towards the windmill. At the end of the path you see the prayer flags are waiving to welcome you.

Carpooling: Please remember to offer your ride on where others can hitch a ride with you while you share the costs. This is especially helpful during the program activities.